How Do You Get A Raise?

work hard to deserve the raise you want

work hard to deserve the raise you want

Most people are not contented with their pay. They usually require a raise for their salary but fail to get it mostly because they don’t ask.

How do you ask for a pay raise?

The following are 6 steps to be followed when asking for a pay raise;

1. Check the current situation

Analyze your contribution to that organization to assess whether the organization should give you something in return and if so the amount, time and manner in which it should be given.

2. Know your goals

You need to identify your goal: money or time. If your need is time for family then you should ask for less working hours. If the need is money is to acquire items which can be obtained from the organization e.g. office cell phone then enquire for those commodities direct from the organization.

3. Prepare yourself

Make yourself look better. You need not complain nor beat around the bush.

4. Argue together

Ensure you convince the boss by reasoning professionally. Here, you need to explain to him the value you have added or you will add to the corporation.

5. Consider the timing

You need to ask for a pay raise when things are right e.g. when the organization is making higher profits. It is not advisable to ask for pay raise during some periods such as when the company is downsizing.

6. Get into negotiation

Argue your case in a mature manner and wait for the result.
You need to note that you have to follow those steps correctly otherwise you will have a problem with your negotiation. If need to repeat arises, do it.

What you should do before asking for a pay rise include:

Business Woman

Business Woman

1. Familiarize yourself with what other professionals in your field are earning.
2. Assess the value you have added to the organization.
3. The amount you can earn depending on experience and years of service in the current organization.
4. Have an open mind in the sense that what you will do if your don’t get the raise you want or your offer is turned down.
5. Evaluate the financial status of your organization.
6. Find out the organization policy on salaries increases.
7. Remember to talk of the amount of increase not the salary.
8. Book an appointment with your boss on time.
9. Prepare to present your case in a mature and professional manner.

What should you not do when asking for a raise?

You should not ask for a raise when:

1. The organization is in a poor financial state.
2. The existing policy does not provide for that.
3. Timing is poor e.g. you make it a surprise to the boss.
4. Not neatly dressed.
5. You really know you will complain instead of developing a mature argument.
6. You know well that you aren’t ready to take a negative response.

A number of ways of how to get the raise you deserve are:

You Are Worthy of a raise

You Are Worthy of a raise

a. Don’t wait for the annual review.
b. Conduct your own research.
c. Look around for alternatives to pay.
d. Justify your pay raise
e. Be straightforward

Don’t give up. You are about to succeed!

5 Google Tools You Didn’t Know About

Google Company

Google Offers Many Great Tools

Google has become synonymous to the internet. There is no question that Google is a powerhouse when it comes to the World Wide Web. It is in fact the number of search engine out there. Google is also the leader in innovation when it comes to various internet tools. There are a lot of tools that are familiar to you. Perhaps you make use of these tools every day. What you don’t know is that there are still a lot of Google tools out there. Here are 5 Google tools you didn’t know existed.

1. Google Ngram Viewer

This Google tool allows you to search for keywords in a huge database. There are millions of books available from the last half millennium. It is a very useful tool that lets you know the trends in the past. The tool also has advanced options that power users will surely love. Users can look for certain keywords in various parts of speech.

2. Google Trends


check out the different Google Trends

Google Trends is where you can find the trends in hot searches. You can browse these trends by date. You can also check out the top searches in various categories with the new function called Top Charts. It also has an Explore function where you key in a term and discover how it trended in the previous years. Furthermore, popular searches can be appreciated in a colourful fullscreen format.

3. Google Think Insights

This tool is beneficial to entrepreneurs and professionals. The tool provides case studies as well as tips for growing a business. It likewise has an array of excellent projects. Entrepreneurs can learn how to maximize their site’s analytics and advertising campaigns through the tool.

4. Google Public Data Explorer

The public data explorer allows you to search through a huge number of databases from all over the world. It includes databases from the World Bank, US Census Bureau, and OECD. Once you see what you’re looking for, you can then filter through the different categories so you can create graphs with the axes that you want. The tool then shows the data on a map, in a bar graph, or in a line graph.

5. Full Value of Mobile

google rankings

google rankings

The tool is useful for businesses. Business owners can calculate the worth of having a mobile site. This tool will help you in analysing customer interaction with different facets of your business from calls to mobile sites.
Google has made numerous tools. Although many of them are familiar to us, there are also some tools that we know nothing about. Take the time to learn more about these tools and their functions. You will surely find some of them to be useful for your business. Remember that your competitors are very busy trying to get a good ranking in Google. You cannot allow your site to be left behind. There are tools that will improve the way you conduct your business online. Finally, check out other Google tools that you may find useful in your everyday life. Google didn’t create them for nothing. Google simply wants to make life better with its innovations, so be sure to take advantage of them.

On the Rebound: Tips for Dating Post Divorce

breaking-up is always hard

breaking-up is always hard

No one wants to go through a series of relationships. This is especially when commitment is captured on paper, vows are witnessed, and partnership is embodied in marriage. And because divorce is a difficult thing, some people wonder if they can still go out there and start one more time. Chances don’t dim, and this article will teach you how to re-enter the world of dating after a divorce.

Determine your Readiness Level

Readiness is defined as your willingness to venture into the world of dating. Don’t rush. Some people take years to recover. Why? It is because people who have been through divorce might already have developed a stigma about going out with someone. There’s always that feeling of fear about things going wrong. And since we all avoid pain, we tend to stay away from things that will cause us that. It might take time before you actually believe again.

Know Exactly What You Want

Dating After Divorce

Dating After Divorce

If you want to meet “the one” the next time you try again, you are idealizing. Take time to think about why you wanted to go back to the dating scene. Do you want someone who will commit to you? Do you want an understanding companion? Do you want a confidante? Focusing on what you want helps you set your expectations. And remember: not all people who go back to dating after a divorce are looking forward to marriage. There’s an interval of time before they even consider that option.

Meet as Many People as You Can

Do not decide to pursue the first person you meet in an instant. Instead, go out there and meet as many people as you can. This exposes you to different personalities especially those that you haven’t encountered yet. But one thing is worth remembering: people outdo each other in terms of their personalities so someone will always end up being better than the other. With that being a fact, you will have to eventually decide.

Focus on Yourself First

You need to be attractive. No, you need to be presentable. You need to feel good about yourself again. So indulge in your favorite activities. Visit a parlor, work out, shop for new clothes, get a new job if needed, and reconnect with your social circle. You need to get to that point where your confidence allows you to build outside relationships. If you have qualms about indulging yourself, it might not be the right time to go back to dating yet.

Never Forget to Enjoy

Couple having fun on a date

Couple having fun on a date

Some people tend to be serious. They get too serious that they get a heartache too soon. That might not have happened if they knew that going back dating is supposed to be fun. Keep an open mind and enjoy it to avoid disappointments. So have fun at the onset; things will get serious in the long run if you let it progress in the natural way.

The tips above seem simple but time is your greatest consideration. Some people easily recover from a divorce while some take longer. Some people, after recovering, can socialize right away while some take their time. In this case, don’t look at other people who came from divorce and pressure yourself to become like them. Remember that each person has a path towards eventual recovery. Yours might not be today but it will come.

The 5 Best Fitness Gadgets For Runners – Meeting The Highest Criteria Of Sturdiness And Functionality

Workout and Fitness

Workout and Fitness

From the downright peculiar work out gadgets to the infamous Thigh master, the fitness and workout industry is saturated with tools and gadgets promising big results with minimal efforts. And true to this word, some of these gadgets have proven to work hence featured in top reviews and fitness magazines worldwide. Indeed, the best of all have been the ones designed for runners as they feature added design and functionality making them great for conventional gym trainers.

The 5 Best Fitness Gadgets for Runners

The exercise bike has been for long known in the running training niche. The bikes, much to their credit, come with magnetic resistance to demand a lot of effort while cycling. And anytime, the exercise bike can take you miles across with virtually a stationary posture. With other added features such as a fitness test function, hand pulse sensors and a higher maximum user weight, the bike has been an all time and industry-standard fitness gadget for runners as it helps to keep pace while at the same time awarding any training with both sturdiness and functionality.

Folding Pedal Exerciser

Folding Pedal Exerciser

The folding pedal exerciser has begun taking rounds in the rumour mill as the second best fitness gadget for runners. Equipped with non-slip rubber grips, this exerciser has been a onetime solution for runners as it enables them to maintain a tight grip while running. The resistance of the pedal in this gadget can be adjusted to either increase or decrease the effort required. Thankfully, easy to assemble and fold for storage, the folding pedal exerciser has extended usage and versatility and is ideal for use around the home and in office.

The Polar GPS is a timer machine for tracking activity. This gadget has gained extended usage, operation and performance and can be used to track speed, distance and route. Also, it can be used for uploading tasks and particularly in a personal trainer site. The gadget has luckily been unparalleled in the field by accessorizing expertly to offer feedback on each workout and in tracking fitness progress.

The elliptical cross trainer is the other great fitness gadget for runners. Featuring an integrated pulse receiver and a heart rate control, the gadget can help you keep up with running demands while at the same time cautioning for a possible breakdown. This helps you to keep motivated by varying your workouts, tracking performance and improving running and overall workout performance.

Finally, the Jawbone Up has been an expert in the runner training niche hence a great consideration for runners. First released in 2011, the jawbone gadget was withdrawn due to technical problems, luckily in 2013; it has made a comeback with a notorious stunt with flaws mended and improvements intact. Now on sale in Britain and many other localities globally, the Jawbone Up gadget is indeed completely re-engineered. However, it is slimmer than Nike Fuel Band but adds the ability to track the quality of a runner’s sleep.

So, are Fitness Gadgets for Runners up to Task?

Runner using wearable technoplogy

Runner using wearable technoplogy

With amazing specs and resounding features, fitness gadgets for runners are indeed up to task. Although runners are advised to embrace field training rather than leverage artificial gadgets, it is true that this equipment are awarding and substantial as expressed through a single minded commitment towards building the best fitness solutions to the most demanding trainees.

The Positive And The Negative Effects Of Employee Retreats

Staff Retreat

Staff Retreat

A growing and expanding business is excellent news; however, the demands of a growing business can take a toll on your workers capacity to manage stress. Long hours of work in order to meet deadlines or to sustain a recent expansion could end up in burn-out workers and this situation will eventually prove disastrous to your business.
As a business owner, you might not readily realize it, especially after granting recent salary raises to your employees. But remember, monetary compensation isn’t the only factor that makes for an efficient work force. It is an over-all healthy working environment that produces loyal and productive employees.
One way to relieve tension and stress in the workplace is having retreats. Read on to find out its pros and cons.

An employee retreat is an effective way to de-stress

Employee retreat as an effective way to de-stress

Employee retreat as an effective way to de-stress

Every hardworking employee needs a break from time to time. Long hours of continued work can bring on so much stress which may endanger the health of your workers. Eventually your business will suffer because your workers are too burn-out and unable to cope with the demands of the job.
A trip to a beautiful location will surely help your employees unwind and recharge. A stay at a seaside hotel with amenities like a spa or massage clinic can surely help relieve work-related stress. A fresh open-air environment can help clear and unclog the mind and create a sense of well-being. Studies show that workers tend to perform better when they are healthy and happy.

A retreat makes your employees feel valued

A retreat is an expression of your good intentions for your employees. It only shows that you care enough about your employee’s health or well-being, not because they work for you but because you see them as people with needs. A retreat will make your employees feel that they are more than dispensable workers and this act will help you establish an even better harmonious and productive working relationship with them.

Retreats, on the other hand, can be expensive

Aside from the fact that a retreat can mean stoppage from work, it is also expensive. A stay at a luxurious hotel means shelling out money from your own business’ income. For a small business, retreats could hurt and even destabilize its growth. An expensive spot with all its amenities could mean sacrificing the business’ one-month income, something that small businesses cannot afford to have.

Planning for retreats can be difficult

staff retreat

staff retreat

You need people to plan for your employee’s retreat. Since you are doing this for them, you yourself have to do most of the decision-making. Choosing an enjoyable place can be difficult because you must consider what your employees would like. A badly chosen venue is simply a waste of money and other resources. Moreover, you also have to think up appropriate activities for your employees during the retreat. You must ensure that these would really help them take their minds off the stress of work.
Having a retreat for your employees is surely a great idea not only to keep them in excellent health but also to help them recharge for better performance at work. On the other hand, having a retreat could also mean sacrificing your business’ financial resources. It is a tricky decision. To minimize losses, you need to have a strong gut feel of when it is best to have one.