The educational system is flawed, with plenty of problems plaguing us at every front. Students are graduating and moving on to the next level, but they aren’t necessarily getting everything that they need.

As educators, we decided to step back and look at the system from different aspects and include particular elements. Some of these elements may be surprising, as they often go overlooked. The bottom line is this: our mission is to look at what standards exist, what needs to be changed, and what we can all contribute.

Sometimes this might feel controversial. We aren’t attacking the system in a way that means it shouldn’t exist. We love education, and our hearts go out to teachers, professors, aides, tutors, and everyone that’s getting involved in the fight. In their own ways, they’re doing more than anyone could ever expect. But we still need to move forward. Education is a serious issue, and the need for standards is even more serious.

Refining existing standards isn’t easy, but it’s always worth doing. This blog will cover what’s going on in EU education circles, but if we find something universally appealing, we’ll tap on our neighbors across the pond as well. After all, education is a global issue. Thanks for checking us out!