Collaborating with other Leaders for a more Effective Classroom

In the business world, professionals often work together in order to share ideas and new insights about a project. Yet many educators still believe that they can run their classrooms on their own, without getting any internal feedback. That’s a real shame, considering that so many teachers bring a diverse point of view to the table. It’s important to avoid putting yourself into the mindset of being an island, when you’re really a community-driven person.

Unfortunately, not every community is healthy. There are far too many that are willing to criticize instead of propose real changes. This turns into a stuffy network of people that are in love with the idea of education, but not with its everyday practice.

If you’re teaching right now, we support you and know how frustrating it is to give so much of yourself to a process that people don’t respect. But if you’re looking for ways to break out of it, it’s time to build yourself a mastermind group.

Collaborating with other people can really help you build the effective classroom that you’ve always wanted. A good mastermind group can be really hard to find. There are reasons why people pay for associations that they can work with for a long time. It helps them sharpen their skills and network differently. Building a strong network helps you continue to evolve your goals as your career evolves. Who benefits? Everyone, from students all the way up to the administration. When we show that we can focus on the classroom in a different way, they’re more likely to let us expand these ideals and boost their effectiveness even more.

Finding mastermind partners doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to make sure that you’re thinking about where everyone can connect consistently. So if you know that everyone’s busy, a face to face meeting might not be feasible. One benefit of online mastermind groups is that everyone can be physically located in different places without any problems. But if you want to be able to share documents that can’t be scanned in, you might want to focus on a local meet up first.

Yet it all starts from being willing to seek out feedback and be even more willing to implement what could change the classroom for the better. Do you have that level of courage? It’s not easy to accept that maybe your ideas could use some fine tuning. But it’s the mark of every skilled professional to look at their body of work and figure out how they could improve. Why not look into how you can get things done in this mastermind format? You have no idea how much you can get done until you do it!